Another day at the races.

Wolfgang Lipschitz was born in 1969 as the second youngest of the Lipschitz brothers. He has appeared in four episodes of Football Confidential, and was portrayed by actor Stuart Filson.

Character BiographyEdit

After the death of Nick and Donovan, Wolfgang remained as the next logical choice to fill the empty spot on the two person team. Because of this, in episode six, Peter visited Wolfgagn and after an emmy award winning speech, asked him to join the team. Like the other Lipschitz he agreed without any hesitation. He also claimed to be willing to die for the team. He then went training with Peter, where he was forced to start using steroids. It was shortly after joining the team that Coach Harry Dick brought Wolfgang into his money laundering operation. It was also around this time that Wolfgang started to show some signs of being "different" than the other Lipschitz. Where the other Lipschitz wore regular shirts, Wolfgang wore unbuttoned plaids with no under shirt, where the other Lipschitz wore lotions when neccessary, Wolfgang lathered him self with canola oil on a regular basis. He also abused drugs on a regular basis, and even exclaimed "Drugs are cool!". Months after joining the team, Wolgang, along with Peter was called to the home of Justin Jolby who told them that they were kicked off the team, for a multitude of reasons. This led Wolfgang to go on a coke binge and pass out in the gutters. Although being on the team for quite some time, Wolfgang has never played a game or even touched a football.