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Luschit Malfoy was born in 1969. He has appeared in one episode of Football Confidential, and was portrayed by actor Eric Daniels.

Character BiographyEdit

Virtually nothing is known about Lucshit Malfoy, except that at some point he was hired by Coach Harry Dick to try and attract new football players. It is assumed that he is a former lover of either Harry or Wolgang, seeing as how both are prominent members of the gay scene. Lucshits only encounter with another character, is with Johnny Cockballs, when he hands Johnny a flyer for the football team. Later that same day, while Johnny is training, he tackles Lucshit and steals his money.

Character BiographyEdit

It is rumoured that Eric Daniels will reprise his role as Lucshit Malfoy in the Football Confidential spin off series. He will be the underlying and assistant of Detective Harry Dick.