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Johnny Cockballs was born in 1969. He has appeared in one episode of Football Confidential, and was portrayed by actor Ben Pegelo.

Character BiographyEdit

Johnny is first introduced in episode eight, after stumbling upon Lucshit Malfoy, who gives him directions to Coach Harry Dicks. After talking to Peter, he discusses the team with Harry, and is given a spot on the team. He then goes to practice tackling with Peter, where he tackles Lucshit and steals his money. From his choice of music it is clear he likes the buried life. SIX SEASONS AND A MOOVVVIIEEEE!!!!!!

Behind the ScenesEdit

Although doing a good job, actor Ben Pegelo was never invited back to the Football Confidential set, after a Christian Bale esque tirade he pulled killed the set designer Garry Lipschitz. Here's the footage.