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Donovan Lipschitz was born in 1969 as the second oldest of the Lipschitz brothers. He has appeared in four episodes of Football Confidential, and was portrayed by actor Stuart Filson.

Character BiographyEdit

Not much is known about the early life of Donovan Lipschitz except that at some point he came to terms with his homosexual tendencies. It is also assumed that he had a relationship with Coach Harry DIck prior to their meeting in episode three. His character was first introduced in episode two wherein Peter gets him to join the John Malkovitch football team, after Nicks death. He agrees without any hesitation. He then practices with Peter in an erotic display of bromance. Weeks later he and Peter play there first game of Football, and Coach Harry DIck takes Donovans shirt away. After a stunning through by Peter, Donovan scores a touchdown and wins the game. After teh match Peter gives Donovan a new shirt. Weeks later another game is approaching and he and Peter practice again, at Peters. After teh practice session Donovan get's shot by an un revealed gun man.